Our Clients

Our clients are high-net-worth retirees, successful business owners, affluent professionals, institutions, endowments, and families with multi-generational wealth living across the country. We engage with these clients in the way that makes the most sense for their particular financial situation. Rather than using generalizations and cookie cutter plans we spend the time, with the limited number of clients we serve, to create a completely individualized, custom, financial road map that caters to their needs, their values, and their vision. These families and institutions fall into one of four categories of service within our firm.

Private Wealth

This is the cornerstone of HPW and our reputation around the country. We use our proprietary process to deliver a one-of-a-kind financial road map that aligns with your vision about the future. We work closely with your team of advisors to use all available tax mitigation and risk management strategies to help you and your family keep more of your wealth and more of your income, now and in the future. Said simply: this is our bread and butter.


CFO Services

Families that have both liquid and illiquid assets, with multiple structures regularly need to have an advisor who is competent and aware enough to help harmonize the family wealth apparatus. We engage with these types of families on an annual retainer basis. Giving us the ability to act as often as needed on the many facets of their financial life.



Certain business owners, wealthy individuals, high-income earners, and others want the benefit of our competency, our guidance and years of elite professional experience but without the commitment of a full relationship. For those families who simply need another trusted voice around the table, we are happy to charge an hourly rate, on an as needed basis.


Family Office

Through our partnership with OneAscent we have access to the entire suite of services for our ultra-high net worth families. For those families with $50 million or more of total net worth we provide a turn-key service for every area of their life.