Our Process

Our proprietary process is called SafeHarbour©. To “harbour” means to shelter or to protect. Our sole focus is on assisting the families we work with around the country to shelter, protect, keep, give, and leave more of their wealth. This process was thoughtfully designed to ensure that our clients determine which direction their wealth flows now and over time.

Step 1: Discovery

We spend a significant amount of time finding out who you are, where you’re from, where you’re headed, what you have, what you want, and what drives your deepest beliefs and core values. This part of our process informs everything else we do.


Step 2: Blueprint

This is our architectural plan phase. Through comprehensive conversations about what you value and the ingredients that make up your financial picture we map out the right “financial structures“ that will allow you and your family to keep more of your wealth and more of your income. Working closely with your tax professional allows this process to be seamless.


Step 3: Build the Harbour

This is our structure building and completion phase. We focus intensely on implementing the right accounts, structures, strategies, and systems that will allow your family to gain control of your wealth. To make sure your wealth is serving your purpose. Implementing financial tools that help you keep more is the sole focus during this part of our process.


Step 4: Legacy Creation

Who you are is more than what you have. This step in our process aims toward leaving both valuables and values to the next generation. We want our clients to live and leave an emotionally and relationally robust legacy. In order to make sure this happens we work with your legal team to put the right planning tools in place.


Step 5: Tactical Check-In

Two to four times per year we have strategic check-ins to monitor the progress, to redirect where necessary and align the plan with the fluidity of life as it happens. Ensuring our clients are using the most cost effective, risk adjusted, tax efficient strategies on an annual basis is a journey not a destination.

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