Our Story

About Harbour Private Wealth

Harbour Private Wealth was formed with an aim toward doing things differently. In a world where financial companies, salespeople and financial professionals view bigger as better, HPW takes an alternative view. We have a deep conviction that bigger is often times not better, that less is usually more, and that quality is a far more important factor than quantity.

Because our focus is on the quality of the relationships rather than the quantity we only engage with a limited number of families across the country. Instead of trying to be all things to all people, we instead, aim to be all things to a limited group of individuals, families and institutions. In light of our commitment to going deeper with fewer, HPW is not open to the general public. We work on an introduction and invitation basis only. This means that the only way we engage with a new client relationship is through an exclusive introduction from one of our current clients or through a personal invitation to one of our public speaking forums or educational events.

We know that real, competent advice takes time and focus. We ensure that we give both of those in bounty to the families we serve. In order to consistently deliver a first-in-class client experience, our entire team is dedicated to servicing our unique clients through our proprietary process and for their purpose.

As our name insinuates, we help our clients safely harbor, shelter and protect the lifetime of wealth they have accumulated through elite and highly competent financial advice. This advice works to maneuver the entire financial picture of our clients not just one aspect. Competent advice. Complete picture. Client centric.

That is Harbour Private Wealth.

Our Commitment

We are fiduciaries. For all of our clients wealth. All of the time. A fiduciary is an individual or institution that is required by law to act in the best interests of the clients they serve. Our team has a legal obligation to only act in the best interests of our clients. It is an obligation we welcome with joy. We avoid conflicts of interest by aligning our advice with our clients interests. This assures that we are always sitting on the same side of the table as the families we serve, giving our highest conviction advice that works to serve their purposes, dreams and values, not ours.